DPF / EGR Delete Packages | Powerstroke | Off-Road/Race Use Only

2011-17 6.7L Powerstroke
DPF / EGR Delete Packages | Off-Road/Race Use Only

***These packages are not legal for street or highway use. Race / Off-road only.***
**The Following Prices are only meant as an estimate. Prices may vary depending on Year of Truck & Options chosen**

Powerstroke | SCTx4 Custom Tune | Cat/DPF delete

Level 1

  • Converter & DPF Delete ONLY (use with factory muffler & tail pipe)
  • SCT x4  w/ Custom Tunes
  • Professional Installation




2011-16 – (installed) $1749.49 +tax
                   (parts only) $ 1186.99 +tax

2017    – (installed) $1999.49 +tax
                   (parts only) $ 1436.99 +tax



Powerstroke | SCTx4 Custom Tunes | Cold Air Intake | 4″ Full Exhaust w/ Muffler & 5″ Tip | EGR Delete

Level 2

  • S&B Cold Air Intake
  • 4″ Turbo Back Exhaust w/ muffler
  • 5″ polished or black Tip
  • River City Diesel EGR Delete
  • SCT x4 w/ Custom Tunes
  • Professional Installation




2011-14 – (installed) $3221.39 +tax
                   (parts only) $ 2033.89 +tax

2015-16 – (installed) $3257.43 +tax
                   (parts only) $ 2069.93 +tax

2017 – (installed) $3507.43 +tax
                   (parts only) $ 2319.93 +tax




One Up Off-Road Long Gusset Traction Bars

Long Gusset Traction Bars

It is easy to increase power on modern diesel engines, two and even three fold, this increase in horsepower and torque is hard on drive-lines, axles, and suspension parts. The side effect of increased power is axle wrap. Traction bars are a vital part of putting the power to the pavement. These traction bars do not stop the suspension from articulating or cycling, they do keep the axle from rotation back and forth.

If you are looking for industry-leading, adjustable traction bars, look no further. One Up Off-Road traction bars is our manufacture of choice for premium traction bars. They have been meticulously designed and are made to last. Cheaper is not the key, quality is. Hard work and dedication to quality craftsmanship is what they promise you, our customer.

$1699.95 +tax (Installed)


AirLift Load Lifters

If your vehicle is leveled, lifted, or you are looking to eliminate back end of your truck squatting, our recommended upgrade is AirLift’s LoadLifter 7500 XL which offers up to 7,500 lbs. of load-leveling capacity* and is designed to support the largest loads on your 3/4- and 1-ton trucks.

The available volume in their massive 7-inch double-bellows air springs enable greater leveling strength at lower pressures. This ensures maximum load-lifting abilities and a great ride quality no matter the load. Trucks with lift kits will require some custom fabrication

$872.95 +tax (Installed)


Wireless Air Control

Control your air springs on the go with the convenience of Air Lift’s WirelessAIR, their premium wireless on-board compressor system. The wireless remote is about the size of a garage door opener and conveniently clips to a vehicle’s visor allowing you to inflate or deflate your air springs with a touch of a button: from inside or outside the vehicle.

$1004.95 +tax (Installed)


Custom Designed Packages

We would be more than happy to modify any one of the above packages or design a full custom package depending on your performance upgrade desires……
   – Injectors
   – FASS Fuel System / High Load Thermostats
   – BD Manifolds & Up-Pipes
   – Turbos / Compound Turbos
   – CP3
   – Transmissions | Clutches | Torque Converters (recommended upgrade for any Hot Tune option)

***Subject to Parts Availability***
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